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Last week, one of my favorite documentary programs started on ABC. Terence Wrong brought us Hopkins 24/7, Boston Med and now NY Med (Except for Hopkins, you can watch them all online). The show follows Doctors, patients and hospital staff around. The first episode brought us a woman that suffered a seizure as the result of a brain tumor and the surgery to remove the tumor. Another patient needed a heart procedure and another gentleman with cancer. Along with some humorous moments. I also found a Nurse that is a candidate for my future wife.

I hate hospitals, but these documentaries have taught me a lot and I can feel the emotions of these patients. You also kinda understand why doctors and nurses have to be dicks sometimes. If interested the show airs for 7 more weeks on ABC at 10 PM ET. I highly suggest watching.

Here’s the preview:

Another show I’ve been watching is Push Girls on the Sundance channel. It’s a reality show about a group of disabled women. It’s pretty much your typical reality show, but the subject obviously makes me interested.

It may not be the greatest show, but the emotions feel legit. None of the women were born disabled and in that regard I can’t relate to them. They still deal with issues that I’m very familiar with like people surprised that a person in a wheelchair can have fun, the occasional hope for a cure and family being too protective or family not fully grasping the disability. At one point a Mother actually said she wished her daughter would’ve died instead of being paralyzed. How can a person possibly live a fulfilling life in a wheelchair?

Push Girls airs on Sundance Mondays at 10 PM ET. They’ve also done some weekend marathons. It’s also available on iTunes, but I’m not sure it’s worth $2.99 per episode for 20 minutes in HD.

Here’s a clip:

I plan on relaunching this site soon. I’m writing some material ahead of time and coming up with ideas for posts. I wasn’t fully prepared to do a blog when I started this one and don’t want to make that mistake again. I thank everyone that has given my positive comments about this blog. Hopefully this piece helps me ease back into doing what I had set out to do originally. Share my life experiences and offer my viewpoint on subjects like news stories and TV shows.


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