Providing an A - Z solution for realtors needing aerial drone videography and photography. Capturing beautiful 4K aerial drone real estate videography and photography of unseen aerial angles and views. Along with aerial drone orthomosaics, 3D Maps, volume measurements, and digital elevation models, aerial drone real estate videography and photography, aerial construction mapping and surveying , and drone marketing.


Real Estate Aerial drone videography and photography

Capture one-of-a-kind aerial photos showcasing your properties, products, services, or special event.

Beautiful and unique still photos of places, properties, or events. I fly high quality drones and will capture images of your subject from virtually any angle.

AERIAL DRONE videography package

  • Get beautiful videos in 4K in Ultra HD and up to 30fps for you to promote your properties, products, services or for those special memories.


  • Capture attention and serve intriguing content by adding aerial drone videos to your website, marketing materials, or special memory.

Promote your name as cutting-edge, unique, while helping your clients engage with your properties or services in the best way possible.


Aerial Drone Real estate videography +

Aerial Drone Real Estate Photography

Aerial Drone Solutions and The Wheelchair Drone Pilot is leading innovation in the Unmanned Aerial vehicles |UAV| using high-tech technology and software for aerial drone real estate videography and aerial drone real estate photography. Providing realtors and clients with the detailed information to make strategic decisions.

I am a learner, a teacher, and a FAA certified drone pilot and promise to deliver unique aerial drone videography and photography suitable for both print and digital media.

One-of-a-kind aerial drone videos of real estate properties. Follow my Aerial Drone Blog and Drone Videography YouTube channel to follow my projects and checkout my work.


Simply tell me your idea, objective, or business. I will work with you to meet your goals.


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