NIKE Flyease Shoes

Being in a wheelchair and putting shoes on by yourself can be quite tasking.  Nike Flyease have really simplified this daily task for me, and the shoes have truly brought me more independence.  


Your foot easily glides into the shoe and you can pull the wrap-around zipper using just one hand.  Freeing your other hand to help stabilize you and provide balance. 


Nike Flyease styling


This shoe while providing function but was not my style.  As the Flyease has become more popular Nike has introduced other styles for men, women, and children that along with high functionality have also maintained style.   

Nike Flyease fit

The Nike Flyease shoes are very lightweight.  Nike shoes typically run bit small for me so I ordered one size larger and the shoe fits nicely.

Nike Flyease durability


I am hard on my  mobility products but the shoes have with stood much abuse  .  I expected the zipper to break first but after two years mine are still in working order .  Of course being in a wheelchair the shoe gets very little wear otherwise.

 The Nike flyease shoes   have brought me a little help  in my struggle for independence .   These shoes are a blessing  for users  with bad coordination  and manual dexterity .