The Vertical Grab Bar

The vertical grab bar shown is one of my favorite and most used mobility aides.  The grab bar is mounted vertically, and secured in place between the floor and ceiling.  

You can mount a sturdy grab bar virtually anywhere!  When transferring the vertical grab bar helps lift you as you pull up using your upper body strength.  Lifting is key when you have mobility difficulties.

I have these grab bars installed in multiple places in my apartment. I have grab bars next to the bed, one in the bathroom and another one in the living room by the couch.


Vertical grab bar types

There are multiple types ones, grab bars with swinging handles and others that are just vertical bars. 

Check out the varying vertical grab bars on Amazon. 

Vertical grab bar mounting  

Using a cork screw type mount that wedges between the ceiling and the floor.  No permanent mounting is necessary.  The grab bar comes with the appropriate wrench for tightening.  The vertical grab bar extends 7' to 10' from floor to ceiling.

Vertical grab bar instructions

Installation instructions are detailed, well written, and easy to follow.  Each part is clearly numbered and is easily to understand!  The tightening wrench is also included.  

Vertical grab bar durability

I have owned many poles over the years and depending on conditions, maintenance and usage each bar should last over ten years.

Vertical grab bar appearance

It may look like you have a stripper pole mounted in your house, which could be a good thing or bad thing depending on the occasion!  The poles are also great for travel and using in hotel rooms.