Mobility aides and mobility advice from patients.

This blog is about my opinions and usage of mobility aids, mobility devices, and mobility tricks I use in my struggle with a neurological disorder. Friedreich's Ataxia

My name is Chris Meyer and I am 35 years old.

At age 15, family and friends began to notice small abnormalities to my gait which was attributed to my legs and feet growing. In high school my athleticism and motor skills began their decline.

Senior year in high school with a awkward gait I went to a family physician at kaiser with vague symptoms. The doctor referred me to a nuerologist and upon my first visit referred me for a genetic test. The results came back positive for Freidreich's Ataxia.

Friedreich's ataxia is caused by a defect in a gene called Frataxin . This gene is located on chromosome 9. Changes in this gene cause the body to make too much of a part of DNA called trinucleotide repeat (GAA). Normally, the body contains about 8 to 30 copies of GAA. I have over 800 copies. 

Over the years I have come across many difficulties but have decided everything in life is about perspective.  I now live in Downtown Fullerton with my beautiful girlfriend Adrianna and her 6 year old daughter Abby. Now living my life to the fullest everyday with an obstacle called Friedreich's Ataxia.  

Today I am wheelchair bound and have had symptoms of friedreich's ataxia for over 20 years.  This neurological disease affects every part of my life.  Let me show you what mobility aids I have and how I use them.

Check out my website www.FAsuccs.com

Check out my website www.FAsuccs.com