Best Personal wheelchair mirror

ICU7 Personal Wheelchair Mirror

See All, inc. Industries presents a secure, multi-positional Best Personal Wheelchair Mirror, the ICU7 Personal Safety and Security Mirror, which weigh's 20 ounces, has a convex design which provides clear rear views, while the bendable arm allows the user to easily locate their desired view point from their wheelchair.  The 2-inch clip on the mirror supports a quick set-up granting portability and flexibility.  

The best personal wheelchair mirror comes in handy in various ways throughout the day for me.  For example, when I'm out on the accessible trail, being aware of others allows me to enjoy my music rather than preoccupying myself with listening for approaching riders.  Another time ICU7 wheelchair mirror is handy is when I'm putting my make up on, being able to position a wheelchair in front of ICU7 wheelchair mirror and bending in closely can be a very difficult and uncomfortable task.  However, being able to quickly clip this versatile mirror onto the arm of my wheelchair allows me to apply my makeup as desired, it also saves me a lot of time but most important it eliminates any personal frustration. 


Maintaining independence in my life is crucial for me; and living on my own, while at times challenging is very self rewarding.  Living in an apartment complex with a bunch of elderly goofballs is usually quite entertaining.  One neighbor likes to pretend his cane is a shotgun and he will "blow me" away when he sees me coming down the path. A handful of others like to quietly sneak up behind me, since my body fails to respond well at times my ICU7 personal wheelchair mirror grants me the ability to "C" who's really coming, only then can I politely pretend to be surprised. 


Elevators are often challenging for wheelchair users because the automatic doors are typically only opened for a few seconds.  You must be quick and precise in your maneuvering, and you are held accountable for everyone else in the elevator's time and space.  Clip a shoe with your wheelchair wheel and that elevator automatically drops directly to hell.   The ICU7 personal wheelchair mirror allows me the ability to be spatially aware, and in doing so I am able to enter, turn, and exit the elevator quickly and efficiently. 

This ICU7 wheelchair mirror is great in a multitude of ways!  My favorite thing about this mirror is how quickly it can be removed which is great for going through narrow doorways and spaces.  Having a rear view wheelchair mirror is crucial for driving; in fact, it is expected to operate most types of vehicles with one.  Having a rear view mirror on my wheelchair allows me the freedom to get around quickly similar to what a car allows a driver.   

Written By: Lauren Williams