Shoes for disabled people

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Shoes for disabled people

There are various medical conditions that require specialty shoes for different disabilities and I have found the best shoes for disabled people.

Being wheelchair bound for the last 15 years because of Friedreich’s Ataxia, I struggle daily with putting shoes on.  The atrophy as a result of prolonged sitting has severely deformed my feet and has made it increasingly difficult to find shoes that allow me to maintain my independence.  I will help guide you in finding the correct specialty shoes for your disability and your needs.

When purchasing shoes for a disabled people the following should be taken into account:

  • Medical reason

  • Accessibility

  • Comfort

  • Appearance

  • Cost

My choice for best shoes for disabled people:


Nike Flyease Pegasus

The flexibility of this specialty shoe allows so you to unzip the backside of the shoe, slip your foot in, and zip the back closed, all of this can be done using one hand.  The Nike Flyease have an elastic band webbing that is permanently connected to the top, this maintains a snug and secure fit on your foot. 

You will never deal with shoelaces!

These specialty shoes are very lightweight, the soles have a strong grip and are padded well which helps with transfers.  This specialty shoe offers the classic Nike styling while incorporating the hidden accessible zipper and heel flap to allow optimal shoes for disabled people like myself.

My medical reason for needing a specialty shoe that fits my needs is Friedreich’s Ataxia, I am wheelchair bound and have moderate to severe atrophy, along with increasing problems with coordination and dexterity problems.

The simple act of putting our shoes on is an important factor for anyone's independence even more so shoes for disabled people can be a big deal.  Being wheelchair bound, having dexterity and balance problems made the accessibility and ease of putting on a shoe on the utmost important factor.

Along with finding the right shoe, I have also found a few other items that increase my independence by providing the support and accessibility I need.

The Neuropathy associated with Friedreich’s Ataxia has made my feet ultra sensitive,  all the whole the atrophy of being wheelchair bound provides limited blood flow to my feet.  I always wear lightweight shoes, well padded that also provide protection.  The comfort and features of the Nike Flyease fit the bill!

Most shoes for disabled people are designed solely for function and are usually not usually visually appealing.  Shoes for a disabled people can be bulky with limited muted color options, the Nike Flyease has completely crushed that stereotype.  The Nike Flyease was designed by Nike in a partnership with Lebron James and Matthew Walzer, who is a cerebral palsy patient. The shoe is available in multiple color patterns, allowing the user to pick and chose the style that best fits their personality.  As the Nike Flyease increases in popularity, Nike has introduced additional styles for men, women, and children that have maintained functionality and style.   Check out all the available deals at

And more styles available at

The cost of any specialty shoe is generally higher than your average shoe, one reason for this is because these shoes are providing necessary features that are improving a disabled person's daily life.  Add to that style options and the world famous Nike logo and you will can expect for the cost of a pair or Nike shoes. The Nike Flyease provide ease when putting them on and the updated styles are worth every penny.  

The Nike Flyease are a blessing for shoes for disabled people, they provide function, fashion, excellent comfort and maximum accessibility...the shoes will knock your socks off!