Best electric toothbrush under $50

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Best electric toothbrush under $50

Toothcare is an important factor for anyone's hygiene.  Throughout the years of living with a progressive neurological disorder, Friedreich's Ataxia. I've come to find that brushing my teeth adequately has become more challenging with declining dexterity and many electric toothbrushes are much more than $50. In my search for a solution, I came across the best electric toothbrush under $50 on for well below $50 shipped to your doorstep.  Most electric toothbrushes are over twice the price so I was a bit skeptical.

Fairywill best electric toothbrush under $50 details

The Fairywill is extremely light in weight at 55 grams with a waterproof design which makes it easy to use in the shower.

Fairywill electric toothbrush comes with a battery indicator but the toothbrush does not come with a charging station but any mini USB plug will work.  Under normal usage, the Fairywill only needs to be charged approximately once a month.


The electric toothbrush arrives in crystal black with 3 brush heads with identifying colors for other family members. The electric toothbrush heads have a soft/medium bristle and a handy protective bristle cover that works great to avoid bacteria.  It is recommended to replace the electric toothbrush heads every three months for sanitary reasons but unlike the big brands, the replacement toothbrush heads don't cost an arm and a leg.

The Fairywill electric toothbrush arrives neatly packaged reminding me of an Apple product and is very sleek.When a person has limited coordination and dexterity the daily task of brushing your teeth can become difficult to do well.  An electric toothbrush will be helpful for the user and it will make your dentist happy.

In my conclusion, this is my choice for best electric toothbrush under $50 due to its high-quality build, excellent clean, and affordable price.  

Using this toothbrush will help maintain your teeth in top shape, and still allow you to feel independence regardless of your dexterity issues.

Author - Chris Meyer