Self defense tools for the handicapped

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Self defense tools for the handicapped

Advertisements for self defense tools for the handicapped are never realistic; a model with core balance as well as the proper range of motion throughout the body, while demonstrating that the best place to strike the attacker is behind the knees. This further gives the impression that handicapped people need self defense tools and cannot be independent.

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The realization that you're still able to do normal things without help is one of the sweetest feelings. Proving it to all who looked at the task to be impossible for a handicapped person is the icing on top of making yourself proud. Rolling outside of your comfort zone and into the unknown is hard for anyone, but multiply that X10 for the handicapped since we are so obviously vulnerable. One of my favorite things to do alone is to explore a new area. As sad as it is, it's important to be prepared with self defense tools for yourself at all times.


First of all, even if you are pro guns, it's illegal to carry one around in your purse. Typically, an attacker doesn't give his victim a head start, so chances are you won't have it out and ready to fire. And has anyone actually been able to fight off a bandit with a MACE keychain?! More than likely, the attacker is not going to wait for you to fiddle with it until it works. This easy to use J5 Tactical mini flashlight can be used as a weapon by simply pointing it in someone's face.  At the convenient push of a button, the strobe setting has the power to temporarily blind an assassin, giving you a chance to effortlessly roll away. Or an even more convenient are these keychain personal alarms. These are a lot safer self defense tools for the handicapped.

My choice for best self defense tool for the handicapped.

J5 tactical mini flashlight  best self defense tool for the handicapped

J5 tactical mini flashlight best self defense tool for the handicapped

Affordable as well as durable, the  J5 Tactical mini flashlight comes as if it were built specifically for a wheelchair. I don't know about you but dropping things and then accidentally plowing them over happens to me quite often. No need to worry about destroying this guy.  The J5 Tactical mini flashlight still working properly after a 9 story drop or being submerged in water.

Steering a wheelchair in the dark can be challenging, especially if it's on a narrow sidewalk. I find this ultra-bright J5 tactical mini flashlight can be easily attached to any wheelchair, doubling as a "headlight", making evening strolls safe from muggers along with my own driving skills and being an ideal self defense tool for the handicapped.

More and more, I'm hearing on the news that someone was attacked in broad daylight. Recently a family of 4 tourists including 2 young children was jumped in a public lunch area. Most people are kind and offer assistance to the handicapped, but you can never feel fully safe even with self defense tools. Keeping this Practical Tactical self defense pen is available for those who understand it is only to be used in EXTREME circumstances. It’s also important to remember to differentiate between such scenario and a less forceful encounter.

I recently became friends with a police officer, who warned me of muggers on a bike trail I frequently go. She also informed me that a mini Lysol aerosol is very inconspicuous in your purse as well as it is legal cheaper and easier source of self defense tool for the handicapped.

As a tiny, handicapped woman, living in a large city, I’ve chosen to be independent rather than live on other people’s schedule and rely on constant assistance help. I often find myself in scary and dangerous situations where self defense tools would be recommended that would cause my mother to faint if she knew the details of my day. In thinking about this, I have trouble recommending such ventures to others. Though it’s never wise to rely on the goodness of strangers to help, I’ve found most people are very nice and want to help. One night a few weeks ago, the elevators to the metro were down, a homeless man saw me trying to find my way back to the train station in DC. He gave me directions that saved my night as I made the train just before it left. I have lots of memories of complete strangers offering assistance, wanting nothing in return. Though, I also remember many not so kind people. Ya never know what you’re gonna get so it is always smart to be equipped with self defense tools.

Now, no one is judging if you DO need help or maybe you are a person who simply doesn't like to be alone and that has nothing to do with your disability.  However, that decision is one that you are entitled to make for yourself. These self defense tools for the handicapped might be a game changer in your aspirations to live an independent life despite being bound to a wheelchair.

Author: Lauren Williams